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Re: Beta: Fatal Error: No DOCTYPE specified!

From: Terje Bless <link@pobox.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 18:42:10 +0200
To: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>
cc: Eric Meyer <emeyer@netscape.com>
Message-ID: <a01060005-1021-B530A70AE83811D6AC5400039300CF5C@[]>

Eric Meyer <emeyer@netscape.com> wrote:

>I do think that the options to override should be up front, though, and
>not buried on the "entended interface" page.

The idea is that the default behaviour should be sane. The extended options
are hidden because for most they are just confusing and in the way. If you
know up front that you'll need to set some of the options you can go to the
"Extended Interface" page; otherwise the Validator should DTRT and offer to
change the options on the fly if necessary.

>The validator might do well to have a different error message for
>missing DOCTYPEs, one that fills in more details or is re-worded
>to help non-experts.

As mentioned, suggestions are more then welcome! :-)

>I think the link to the document that simply contain a list of DOCTYPEs
>is very handy, and could stand to be more prominent.

Hmmm. Yes. And perhaps something on "Help for choosing a DOCTYPE"?

Liam?   Doesn't the WDG have a document like that on htmlhelp.com?
>For all I know they probably have a standard for
>which direction to put the thread on a bolt.

That would be ISO 261:1973.         -- John Cowan
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