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Re: patch procdure

From: Terje Bless <link@pobox.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 02:03:45 +0100
To: "Mario J. Lia" <antilyrical@spamcop.net>
cc: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>
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Mario J. Lia <antilyrical@spamcop.net> wrote:

>I made a few small changes to the validor check file and would like to 
>submit my changes for "peer review" ;-)  What is the best way for me to
>do it? I can either generate a patch file from diff, I would just need
>to know what diff options should be used. Or I could make the change via
>CVS, although that seems like a bigger step, and I think more people
>need to see the code.

Unidiff format is preferred. Generate your patches -- preferably by using
"cvs diff -u" in $CVSROOT/validator/ or in $CVSROOT/validator/cgi-bin/ if
you only touch the "check" or "checklink" CGIs -- and send them to the

Please try to keep changes isolated, one patch per logical change, instead
of a single patch that lumps together multiple unrelated changes (unless
it's very small changes and/or stuff like whitespace/spelling fixes).

Do try to respect the existing coding-style, but don't fret over it. I
apply patches manually in any case so I can clean up any inconsistency.

Do be very clear about the level of testing and general quality of the
code! It's ok to submit half-baked, pre-alpha, code as long as it's clearly
labelled as such. Of course, we prefer fully-formed, well tested and
polished code, but we ain't too picky! :-)

Do also describe the changes you've made; obvious changes are not
necessarily equally obvious to others. No need for a dissertation, but err
to the side of verbosity when explaining What, Why, and How.

Worst case just send your entire changed file, or even a tarball, and I/we
will do the diff locally (but do try to generate the diffs instead if you

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