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From: <summer@computerdatasafe.com.au>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:02:14 -0500 (EST)
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <EC3140E7-F682-11D6-BAFA-000393BAB03A@computerdatasafe.com.au>

The above page is _not_ mine.

I decided to run validator on it because the page does not work in 
either of
the two browsers I used on i,t Mozilla and Knqueror, on Red Hat Linux 
8.0. I
ran Validate from K because it has a link for the purpose.

The error I get is this:
  HTML Validation Service Results



Detected Character Encoding:

Select Character Encoding:
(detect automatically)utf-8 (Unicode, worldwide)iso-8859-1 (Western 
Europe)iso-8859-2 (Central Europe)iso-8859-3 (Maltese)iso-8859-4 
(Baltic Rim)iso-8859-5 (Cyrillic)iso-8859-6-i (Arabic)iso-8859-7 
(Greek)iso-8859-8-i (Hebrew)iso-8859-9 (Turkish)iso-8859-10 (Latin 
6)iso-8859-13 (Latin 7)iso-8859-14 (Celtic)iso-8859-15 (Latin 
9)us-ascii (basic English)euc-jp (Japanese, Unix)shift_jis (Japanese, 
Win/Mac)iso-2022-jp (Japanese, email)euc-kr (Korean)gb2312 (Chinese, 
simplified)big5 (Chinese, traditional)tis-620 (Thai)koi8-r 
(Russian)koi8-u (Ukrainian)macintosh (MacRoman)windows-1250 (Central 
Europe)windows-1251 (Cyrillic)windows-1252 (Western Europe)windows-1253 
(Greek)windows-1254 (Turkish)windows-1255 (Hebrew)windows-1256 
(Arabic)windows-1257 (Baltic Rim)

Show Source Outline Parse Tree ...no attributes

Sorry! A fatal error occurred when attempting to transcode the 
character encoding of the document. Either we do not support this 
character encoding yet, or you have specified a non-existent character 
encoding (often a misspelling).

The detected character encoding was "cp1252".
The error was "".

  If you believe the character encoding to be valid you can submit a 
request for that character encoding (see the feedback page for details) 
and we will look into supporting it in the future.

Gerald Oskoboiny
  Last modified: Date: 2001/09/14 04:13:13

This is supposedly a professional organisation (though I sometimes 
wonder). Would it be possible for your
validator to handle this character encoding?



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