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Re: sugggestion: HTML 4.01 as default

From: Terje Bless <link@tss.no>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 20:17:22 +0200
To: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20001006203807-r01010600-1582097e@>
On 06.10.00 at 13:36, pdf@bizfon.com wrote:

>Well, it's good to know that it's at least in the works.  :)

Don't count on anything being actually delivered at any particular point in
time though. My schedule is probably best described as "erratic". :-|

>Is it currently possible to validate a page using multiple DTD's?

Nope. Try sticking in two DOCTYPEs and see. I don't think this would be
possible except with DTDs specifically designed for it. You'll be able to
once the xHTML WG produces something final though (XHTML 1.1 Modules).


This is just the SGML Open Catalog for the validator. It doesn't include
anything resembling documentation.

>The reason I ask is because if the stuff you were working on is partially
>working except for commenting out the DOCTYPE already in the document,

Yeah. That much is A Simple Matter Of Programming. :-)

>then perhaps it could be partially implemented and you can let the users
>select DTD's to use in addition to the one in the document.  Then, once
>you get it to correctly ignore the one in the document, you could add that
>option.  Just an idea.

Hmm, and a good one too. I can make sure the DOCTYPE is inserted first and
then supress the redefinition warnings from SP. A document without a DTD,
or with an overridden one, will never be valid anyway so this should work
out just fine. I may even manage to make it as a patch to Gerald's code
instead of including it in my local branch (which is so fubar that it'd
take major work to reincorporate it on w3.org (I intend to fix it and send
Gerald the patches, but it'll take time)).

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