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icon for "ISO-HTML"

From: Peter Evans <evans@i.hosei.ac.jp>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:44:16 +0900
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <20001124143113.187E.EVANS@i.hosei.ac.jp>
> If you just have a small patch or idea and don't want to
> join the list, feel free to send it directly to the list.

That's me. As a challenge (or out of masochism), I wrote a page in
ISO/IEC 15445:2000 (ISO-HTML). After a bit of trial, error, and rewrite,
I was happy to read:

> Congratulations, this document validates as the document
> type specified! (I don't have an icon for this one yet,
> sorry.) 

At the foot of  http://purl.org/NET/ISO+IEC.15445/Users-Guide.html (
http://woodworm.cs.uml.edu/~rprice/15445/UG.html ) is a gif that
appears to have been designed for precisely this purpose:
http://woodworm.cs.uml.edu/~rprice/15445/v15445.gif -- though I can't
find an explicit statement of who created it or how it may be used.

(I hope I'm not merely stating the obvious for the umpteenth time.)

Peter Evans mailto:evans@i.hosei.ac.jp
Received on Friday, 24 November 2000 00:51:55 UTC

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