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Re: is it possible to compile simply the html-validator ?!?

From: Terje Bless <link@tss.no>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 10:16:54 +0100
To: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>
cc: Fred Gonot <frederic.gonot@okay.net>
Message-ID: <20001102103519-r01010600-1de33396@>
On 01.11.00 at 11:53, Fred Gonot <frederic.gonot@okay.net> wrote:

>yes, i had a look on the source : i should have to install httpd, etc,
>etc... it should be very usefull to have the possibility to check directly
>as a command line, every html file: ./html_check my_file.html

This is a potential future feature. Some work has been done in this area,
but it's unlclear when or if it might make it into a production release.

However, be aware that you would still need to compile and install SP (the
SGML/XML Parser we rely on) and a myriade of Perl Modules (many available
as rpms and probably debs though) to make this work.
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