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Re: Problems with the parser and the DIV element

From: Bless Terje <link@rito.no>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 02:58:45 +0200
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Cc: "'Raphael Giromini'" <raph@giromini.org>
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>as far as I can read, [in the HTML 4.01 Specification]
>I can have an attribute ALIGN with the element DIV.


This, along with a lot of other physical markup, has been deprecated in the
later standards -- opting instead to use CSS for this purpose -- and so does
not exist in the Strict DTDs. If CSS is not an option, you may wish to use
the Transitional, or, if you use frames, the Frameset DTDs.

The above reference shows how the same effect could be achieved with CSS.

HTH -link
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