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Re: HTML Validator Bug

From: Terje Bless <link@tss.no>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 03:56:42 +0200
Message-Id: <199910090242.EAA02569@vals.intramed.rito.no>
To: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>
cc: Nathan Miller <webpage@depere.k12.wi.us>
On 08.10.99 at 16:55, Nathan Miller <webpage@depere.k12.wi.us> wrote:

>When validating a page with a URI containing and ampersand [...], the
>validator returns an error[...] Please fix this bug.
>Member of the Web Standards Project
>Member of the WSP Grassroots Action Comittee
>USDD Webmaster

Not to be rude or anything, but this is somewhat frightening! A Member of
the WaSP and WSP GAC is posting one of the top two FAQs on this list (the
other being unescaped HTML entities in JavaScripts). Is this the kind of
background knowledge you apply when you petition MS and NSCP for standars

Very Scary!
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