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Re: Parser Error?

From: Brian Gilkison <gilkison@one.net>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 17:03:40 -0400 (EDT)
To: Lloyd Wood <L.Wood@surrey.ac.uk>
cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.04.9906141645470.29957-100000@shell.one.net>
On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Lloyd Wood wrote:
>since 'amazon' in the location bar gets parsed as http://www.amazon.com/
>and 'gnu' gets parsed as http://www.gnu.org/ in popular browsers, it
>strikes me that handling CDATA correctly in the location bar to ease
>copying/pasting between mixed html and text environments is probably a
>Good Idea. And rather less processing overhead than the dns matches

The interpretation of bare words in the location bar is a matter of
semi-intelligent guessing on the part of the browser; in my experience --
and just attempted on IE5, Netscape 4.5 and 3.04, and Lynx 2.71 -- most
browsers will try www.foo.com first (for "foo"), then www.foo.net or
www.foo.org (I checked on Lynx, and it seems to try .com, .edu, .org, and
.net, in that order).  I'm curious what browser version ignored gnu.com,
and went to gnu.org instead...

As far as browsers not interpreting &amp; in the <title></title> tags,
that sounds like a browser "problem" as well -- all four of the named
browsers above correctly interpeted the &amp; I placed in the <title> of
the document at http://w3.one.net/~gilkison/test.html ...

Brian Gilkison

P.S. --
BTW, IE5 correctly(?) interprets the %26 as a "&" in URLs within the
<HTML> document itself (i.e. it shows "m&e" in the browser's status bar);
while the other three browsers above did not translate %26 into &, they
DID correctly follow the link -- perhaps this is more of a server issue
re: what parsing the server applies to any HTTP requests it receives?
Someone else will have to answer that one...

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