Re: This link seems to crash validator

From: Terje Bless (
Date: Mon, Sep 13 1999

Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 03:01:35 +0200
From: Terje Bless <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Re: This link seems to crash validator

On 13.09.99 at 20:00, Liam Quinn <> wrote:

>I'm not sure why the W3C Validator would give you problems

As a wild guess, it's choking because the page is missing explicit HEAD and
BODY sections. Possibly because LWP is trying to be clever before "check"
gets the data.

However, I'm somewhat bewildered by the fact that when I run a local copy
of the validator on a local copy of the page in question, it works just
fine. That seems to suggest a connectivity problem between and the host or a different execution environment (most likely SP or LWP).

Since I can't reproduce the problem locally I'll have to punt. Gerald?

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