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[Bug 4342] Revalidation form for Upload and Direct Input

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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 20:00:43 +0000
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------- Comment #4 from brett.bieber@gmail.com  2007-09-05 20:00 -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> I made a little patch to this, to not pass the file source to the template
> object if not needed (so as to save a bit of proc/memory footprint).

Ahh yes, very good.

> One thing that surprised me in your implementation is that you give the source
> as direct input even in the case of file upload. Was this a deliberate choice?

Not deliberate... but the 'File Upload' results page suffers from the same
problem Alastair McKenzie noted, no easy way to re-validate the file.

> I guess it would make sense from usability perspective, since at least a
> textarea can be pre-filled with the content while a file upload control could
> not. It just might be a little surprising, and I can imagine some hairy issues
> (related to XML detection or charset), but this may be a good compromise
> nevertheless.

This may be the best compromise --- I find copying and pasting the content
easier than a file choosing window, but I'm sure some will want the file upload
interface again. We could provide a file input to choose the file again...? 

> Working in this area could also be an opportunity to clean up the usage of
> $File->{'Is Upload'} and $File->{'Direct Input'}. I can't understand why the
> former is TRUE when the input mode actually is "Direct input". 

Right, this is somewhat confusing, and even now on file upload results the <th>
left of the textarea states "Direct Input" instead of "File" (regression?).

Hard to predict what people will find more useful, a textarea populated with
the content or a blank file input. I suspect most users would expect a input
for file upload --- and then complain that it wasn't automatically populated
with the file they chose in the previous screen.   :-)
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