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[Bug 785] validator does not supply reasonable Accept header by default

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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 01:52:48 +0000
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------- Comment #14 from patomas@hotmail.com  2007-04-25 01:52 -------

I was kind of upset in the last message, excuse me for that.

I understand the point, even when it is expressed in a way that makes me think
you never have made a website using serious programming or had to deal with
extrange behaviours in browsers and servers due to this default state.

So if we are strict to the rule, the only way is to send the right header and
send a different document to browsers who do not support the right one. Well.

But this is not as simple as parse it with xslt.

And even in that situation, if i have such a detection, every time i try to
validate the document here, i will validate the default state, it means the
application/html+xml and the xhtml 1.1 document. But, i can not validate the,
let say, text/html and html 4.01 option because of the lack of headers from the
validator. The only way to validate that option, is to request it in a non
compilant browser, then copy the content and paste it in that option of the

So i still think that is fair to expect from the validator to give equal
chances to validate both options in the same way, not one document in one way
and the other document in other way.

And this is quite simple to implement that i think it should be considered.

Bye :)
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