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From: Benjamin Niemann <pink@odahoda.de>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 21:18:09 +0200
To: www-validator-css@w3.org
Message-ID: <fbhmli$4el$1@sea.gmane.org>


jane jordan wrote:

> Last night I validated my CSS and was told that it had
> passed.  My HTML MarkUp validation did not.  Tonight,
> after a few minor changes to the two pages which I
> checked last night (those  highlighted in the HTML
> MarkUp validator as having failed) the same pages do
> not pass the CSS test !  The message I receive is :-
> File not
> foundhttp://www.syrinxphotographicdesign.com/../css/basic.css:
> Bad Request
> I just cannot understand this in order to put it
> right.  It passed last night but HTML did not.  Now
> the HTML MarkUp has passed and the CSS has not ?!  I
> am sure that I have not touched the basic.css file  in
> my site since last night ...

The document /index.html contains the element

<link href="../css/basic.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
media="all" />

refering to a directory 'css' one level *above* the top level. Browsers
usually strip away the '../' in such cases, but the CSS validator obviously
does not. It sends a malformed URL to the server which is correctly
To fix this error, use '/css/...' to refer to the directory at the top
level. Seems like you should fix all your links, not just the link to the

That this error has not been reported before is probably caused by the
mentioned markup errors (the CSS validator may not have seen the <link>
tag, because of a markup error). If the markup is invalid, the results of
the CSS validator can be misleading, so always make your HTML valid before
checking CSS.


Benjamin Niemann
Email: pink at odahoda dot de
WWW: http://pink.odahoda.de/
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