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Re: That's not even my CSS! Aieee. (Carol)

From: Carole <caroleanne@designs.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 00:47:57 -0700
To: "Rowne-Wuff Mastaile" <wuffxiii@gmail.com>, www-validator-css@w3.org
Message-ID: <opse0097wubhg79r@sammamish.designs.com>

I *think* that what you are seeing is that the CSS Validator is generating  
your CSS with your implied definitions explicitely written.  Since you  
don't give all the definitions for the border, I believe that, by default,  
those that are missing, such as color, are "inherited".  Tantek, Ian or  
one of the other folks from the W3 CSS Workgroup certainly know better  
than I.  You might contact one of them for a definitive answer on this one.



>> Every time I visited the validator before, every line below 'Valid CSS
>> information' matched my CSS file, that's correct, isn't it?  Now the
>> lines below 'Valid CSS information' don't match mine (note the inherit
>> lines).

>> The CSS file hasn't changed since a week ago, when it was validating
>> yet suddenly, out of the blue this happens.  It was only by an
>> off-chance that it was noticed so if you could shed any light on this,
>> please do.
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