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Re: Validator and Mobile Profile (also building with JBuilder)

From: Sijtsche Smeman <sijtsche@wisdom.nl>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:23:58 +0200
Message-ID: <03f001c233ac$3eacd1e0$2300a8c0@wisdom.nl>
To: <david.t.berry@ntlworld.com>, <www-validator-css@w3.org>

Hi Dave,

I can not answer all your questions, but some I can.

You were asking for the status of the mobile profile. Well, as published on
the mailing list yesterday, the major revision is nearly ready and this
includes the mobile profile according to the recent specification.

Commenting it in had not only to be done in StyleSheetCom.java, but is now
done in all the sources in CVS. The fix you mentioned for Css2Style.java to
include the CssColumnSpan is indeed a valid fix that I had already noticed
and will be fixed today by me in the CVS repository. Why it was commented
out was probably a misunderstanding somewhere. I can't tell, I'm not the
only one who has made changes to the CSS validator.
There may be a few obsolete Java files in the repository, but if there are
any, there will be only very few and they should not bother your compiling

I run the CSS validator on Jigsaw 2.2.0 and have
<INSTDIR>/Jigsaw/classes/xerces.jar included in my CLASSPATH, so that that
version of Xerces is used.

Hopes this was useful information for you.


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From: "David Berry" <david.t.berry@ntlworld.com>
To: <www-validator-css@w3.org>
Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 11:59 AM
Subject: Validator and Mobile Profile (also building with JBuilder)

> Ok new attempt to re-send from a different e-mail address as mail from
> my work address david.berry@3glab.com does not seem to be getting through,
> even though I have subscribed to the mailing list.
> == Mobile Profile ==
> What is the state of the mobile profile. I saw that its use was commented
> out in the StyleSheetCom.java file. I was able to get it to work though
> just putting the code back in. I did also modify the Mobile.properties
file so
> that display used org.w3c.css.properties.CssDisplayCSS2.
> == Getting the code to build ==
> I have downloaded the CSS validator source code from the CVS
> repository. I have managed to get it to build in JBuilder, using
> JDK 1.4 though I did have to make a couple of changes as JBuilder
> likes to suck in all of the java files included in the directory.
> The changes were,
> ** org/w3c/css/util/InterruptedGetException.java **
> Added package name to the top of this file, ie
> package org.w3c.css.util;
> ** org/w3c/css/table/Css2Style.java **
> Uncommented the lines containing the methods, getColumnSpan()
> and getColumnSpanATSC(), as they were being called in
> org/w3c/css/table/ColumnSpanATSC.java
> I'm currently using version the version of Xerces supplied with JBuilder
> and the Tomcat 3.2 servlet jar. I have also tried using Xerces 2.0.1
> class files as downloaded from the apache web site.
> I am passing the command line arguments, as
> -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs="org.w3c.www.protocol|sun.net.www.protocol"
> -css2 http://www.w3c.org/
> As found in the validator.bat file.
> I have also tried dropping the -css2 and -the -Djava command. Every time
> I try to run the application I get a null pointer exception. In
> org.w3c.css.css.StyleSheetGenerator2.getDocumentName().
>    From stepping through in the debugger the HtmlParser
> encounters an XMLInputException when it is run.
> It then calls through to notifyEnd for the HtmlParserListener in
> StyleSheetCom. This ends up passing a null contenttype parameter
> to generate the StyleSheetGenerator2 and gives a null pointer exception.
> "contenttype" is declared in StyleSheetCom.java and only used in
> noitifyEnd, but it is never set. I suspect that the parameter to
> be passed here, is in fact "contentType" which is passed into
> notifyEnd().
> Stack trace is,
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>       at
>       at
>       at org.w3c.css.css.StyleSheetCom.notifyEnd(StyleSheetCom.java:328)
>       at html.tags.HtmlParser.run(HtmlParser.java:226)
>       at org.w3c.css.css.StyleSheetCom.htmlRequest(StyleSheetCom.java:71)
>       at org.w3c.css.css.StyleSheetCom.main(StyleSheetCom.java:254)
> If I change contenttype to contentType it looks like everything runs
> ok, plus the above listed changes to make it build.
> Can someone let me know if the above changes are valid fixes?
> == General questions on the repository ==
> Are there some old java files directories in the repository that should
> not be included in a build of the application. Hence my problem with
> the files in the table directory. Why were the methods commented out?
> I'd also be interested in knowing which version is running on the W3C
> and how it was built, including which versions of Xerces, servlet, and Sax
> parser libraries for example. So that I can be sure of which versions of
> things I ought to be using.
> Thanks for any help you can supply,
> Cheers,
> Dave
> david.berry@3glab.com
> david.t.berry@ntlworld.com
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