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FETSNews: October 16, 2001

From: Production <production@fets.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 15:12:10 -0400
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For Immediate Release: FETS goes to WASTELAND (And 3 Full Sets; 250+
Free Files!)

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FETSnews  ¤  Tuesday, Oct 16th 2001
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You are reading a Newsletter from the Production Team @ Fets Comm Inc.
Online version & links to FREE stuff @ http://www.fets.com/FETSnews/

NEWS : FETS Attends WASTELAND Nov. 10th, 2001
AMSTERDAM - That's right... FETS will be providing photo coverage of one
of Europe's most exclusive fetish parties.  Many of our production staff
(from in front & behind the camera) will be there flaunting their
fetish, along with some 5000 partygoers from around the world. For those
of you who will not be making a pilgrimage to this unwholesome Mecca,
you can look forward to imagery at FETS and LateXture.com the following

Wasteland Event poster @:

Wasteland Party Trailer

To learn more about Wasteland, visit at:

Coming Soon
Not to say half our work isn't done at a deadline, but we do have some
upcoming content that you may want a sneak preview of...

 ¤ Lucia Fantastique

 ¤ WorkoutGirl Candice

 ¤ Ballerina Emily

 ¤ Figure Skater Mayte

 ¤ Bobby's LateXture

Full Sets
To make sure we aren't just wasting your time here, you can't say we
don't put out when it comes to free stuff! (Indexes @
http://www.fets.com/FETSnews/ )

Gymnast Mayte and Ballerina Ivory  ¤

Petra's Wet LateXture        ¤ http://www.fets.com/FETSnews/0110-2a.html

Emily's LegTexture Collection         ¤

File Count Contest
Do you think you know exactly what FETS' production team has been up to?

We went over 20 000 files (.jpg), but what is the exact number of
fets#######.jpgs?  Think you know? Well, we do... The lucky person who's
guess is closest to the actual number will recieve a 6 month membership
to FETS ByRequest.

Send in your counts to enter.


Graphic Art Contest
Are you an Original Artist? An un-original one? A Master of
Or perhaps you just think the best thing to play with in Photoshop has
got to be pictures of the sweet-ass naked?

We regularly extend Rights to those who would like use our photo-work in
their art and are happy to display the results to others.

At the very least, FREE MEMBERSHIP for Contributing Artists! At most?
Consider our Production's ability to support your work and show us what
it is you do...


What Else?
Tell us what you'd like to see and read here!
(Not like they offered this Course at College.)

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