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The Lead Generater , Automated Telemarketing Machine & Customer Contact Software

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The Lead Generating , Automated Telemarketing Machine &amp; Automated Customer Contact Software
 Automated Call Center (Computer Telephony Integration) with Auto Dialer, Automated Attendant, Predictive Dialer ,Voice Broadcast and Messaging Software 
Automatically dials up to 2,000 - 10,000 prospects per day 
 without human interference.
 Our product can produce unbelievable results : 
 Wherever there is need to handle Inbound and Outbound calls 
 Toll Free No : 1-800- 984 7001 
 For more information and personalized demo of the product please send us your 
 (* are required fields)
 *First Name
 *Last Name
 *Company Name
 *Phone No.
 *Email Address
 *Business Type
 *Best time to call
 by clicking the link below
Request For Demo
 Outbound Auto-Dialing/Predictive Dialing
 Inbound Automated Attendant
 We supply / You supply
 Minimum Requirements
 Description of Product
 Price Point
 (Please click on above links to know 
 more about the product)
 For more information and personalized demo send us your......
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Before submitting this form , Make sure that you are connected to the net. 
Before submitting this form , Make sure that you are connected to the net. 
If you want Simplicity, Maximum results &amp; Interested in decreasing overhead costs for human resources and want to gain outstanding productivity for your organization...... go with the &quot;hands down winner&quot;.....With our lead generating software.......You will smile all the way to the Bank!! We are the leading provider of software-based telephone systems and integrated communications for small-to-medium-size businesses and corporate branch offices. Our telephony products are easy to use and are designed to provide powerful and flexible call automation solutions on the most reliable technology platforms. Designed for easy installation by everyone regardless of technical skills. Designed to work right away with minimal setup time.So, whether you are a large corporation or a small office / home office, We have the call automation solution you need. Our innovative applications are designed to make businesses and organizations more competitive and efficient. We have attai!
ned an imagination of business environment striving for a competitive edge. 
Software / Hardware integration products using computers and telephones can increase business without increasing overhead costs. Automated attendant can answer your telephone 24 hrs a day and sales department talk to prospects 50 minutes out of every hour. 
Lead Generator and Business Developer
 Automated Call Center
Auto Dialer (with answering machine detection) &amp; Auto Attendant
Our Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) software is designed for organizations, businesses and professional Outbound Auto Dialing can deliver messages or get responses from members, Employees, customers, prospects. Inbound Automated Attendant can answer your telephone 24 hours a day. Offer Up to 10 menu choices of information, voice mail messages and even transfer calls.
Outbound Auto-Dialing / Predictive Dialing
Automatically calls........ To market products and to make announcements. 
To confirm preset appointments, prescheduled meetings, and conferences.
To make announcements.
Our CTI software can also be used to get responses, such as yes or no 
Our CTI software can be used by businesses and services by calling sequentially or randomly.
When our CTI software calls it can simply leave a message or it can ask for a response. You may obtain responses by recording their voices, asking them to press a key, to respond to choices or transferring to a live operator. Just record your messages, select which group ( Data Bases) you want to call , when you want to start and stop, and then let our CTI software got to work calling everyone.
You will save tremendous time and get results very fast ! without increasing your overheads or hiring extra help. 
Our CTI software Outbound Auto Dialing Features
OUTBOUND AUTO DIALING is primarily for two reasons:
1.To deliver a message or reminder, or get a response, from known groups of people or&amp;
2.To tele-market products or services to large numbers of randomly
dialed numbers.
There are variety of ways Outbound Dialing can function
 1. Deliver a message when the telephone is answered. 2. 
Ask someone to press 1 before hearing the complete message. 3. 
After one or more questions, ask for voice or touchtone responses. 4. Transfer, using Centrex, to a live operator immediately or after a message 5. 
Our CTI software can detect a live answer vs. an answering machine. 6. You may record/listen to messages and information by telephone, or if you have sound blaster 16 (or compatible), by microphone or speaker. 7. 
Voice responses may be retrieved from any phone with a secret pass code. 8. Outbound Auto Dialing may operate at same time as inbound Automated Attendant if using separate lines. 9. 
Is capable of handling up to 12 telephone lines simultaneously. 10. 
Touchtone key responses are stored in your computer for retrieval. 11. 
Time of day to begin and end calling session can be pre programmed by the operator. 12. 
Marks phone numbers that are busy, unanswered, &amp; faxes. 13. Will retry telephone numbers that were busy or unanswered, as many times as the operator requests. 14. Will allow you to import databases of names and telephone numbers or you may enter that information directly. 15. Allows many different data bases (groups of phone numbers) to reside within the system at the same time. 16. Allows you to call up to 10,000 phone numbers with in one command. For example call all numbers with in 321 Prefix from 345-1111 through 345-9999.You may choose up to 12 prefixes at any 1 time. The numbers are scrambled before random call begins. 17. Our CTI software allows the system operator to call the system from a remote location to record a message, select which database (group of people) to call, and then activate Our CTI software to begin calling immediately. Many many more........... 
Inbound Automated Attendant
Answers phone with menu choices.
Receives voice mail messages.
Transfer calls.
Our CTI software can answer your telephone calls 24 hours a day, with a simple message or it can offer callers a menu of choices of information and receive voice mail messages. 
We supply / You supply
CTI software Software on CD ROM 
Dialogic voice boards 
Operations and Instructional Manuals 
One year Warranty 
Technical Support via telephone and email. 
Minimum Requirements
Pentium computer with either window's operating platform (Windows 98,Windows NT, Windows 2000 &amp; ME) version
32 mb of RAM, Hard Drive, CD ROM drive and One or more telephone lines. 
Recommended: Sound Blaster 16 Card, Microphone, &amp; Speaker. 
Notes: The Dialogic Voice Boards require an IRQ and an ISA slot inside your computer. 
Description of Product
Software from 2 lines to 12 lines (T1 Interface available and scalability of lines and software on same computer upto 192 lines.)
Works with Dialogic Boards 
Windows 98 or Windows NT or Windows 2000 or Windows ME version on any desktop PC 
Auto Dialing, 
Predictive Dialer 
Automated Attendant 
Automated Voice Mail with menu choices 
Helps Businesses to eliminate the need of hiring telemarketers 
Automated initial customer application process and many more features......... 
Price Point
Lowest in industry with more features to match any system or application in the market without compromising quality.
AUTOMATED CALL CENTER, AUTO DIALING &amp; AUTO ATTENDANT Software Only (Use your own Dialogic Voice Boards &amp; Computer $ 995 2-line system with dialogic voice boards (use your computer) $ 1,195 4-line system with dialogic voice boards (use your computer) $ 2,100 8-line system with dialogic voice boards (use your computer) $ 2,990 
12-line system with dialogic voice boards (use your computer) 
 $ 3,985 
Top Note :
 This communication and any files transmitted with it may contain information that is confidential , privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or the entity to which it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, pleasenotify the sender.
 Thank you for your co-operation 
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