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HOPE Scholarship Under Attack! Contact Your State Rep IMMEDIATELY!

From: Protect HOPE <5245@stopvideopoker.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 06:10:44 -0500
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Today (3/19/01), the Georgia House of Representatives will vote on Senate Bill 
204 that jeopardizes HOPE by opening the floodgates to South Carolina's outlawed 
video poker industry.  Students & colleges who depend on HOPE must be heard NOW!

HOPE vs. Video Poker :

> 30% of Your HOPE at Risk - In 1997, Texas passed a video poker law similar 
to SB 204.  One year later, the TX Lottery Commission says video poker cost it 
30% in sales.  That's a $1.2-billion loss just in video poker's first year.

> Video Poker Dwarfs Lotteries - SC had only 1/2 the population of Georgia, yet 
in 1999 SC's video poker barons raked in twice as much as GA's lottery.  

> Lottery Gives, Video Poker Just Takes - Video poker pays NO education taxes, 
is notorious for income tax evasion and is already exempt from sales tax.  It 
can't be regulated and Las Vegas' Mayor has even tried to outlaw it.

There's Hope For HOPE - When SB 204 reaches the floor during today's House session, 
a bi-partisan team of Reps will offer floor amendments to crack down video poker 
and protect HOPE Scholarship funding.

Please recruit your friends to join you in calling & emailing State Reps right 
NOW!  Tell them to "protect HOPE by supporting the SB 204 floor amendments that 
outlaw video poker".  Don't wait, time is running out so you must call NOW!

Reps By Name & District - http://www.legis.state.ga.us/Legis/2001_02/house/indn.htm
Reps By Map (Statewide) - http://www.cviog.uga.edu/Projects/gainfo/h_state.htm
Reps By Map (Metro Atlanta) - http://www.cviog.uga.edu/Projects/gainfo/h_metro.htm

Use our email broadcast service to email all 180 Reps. Simply send your message 
including your name and school name and we'll take care of the rest - mailto:204@stopvideopoker.org

Learn more at http://www.stopvideopoker.org

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use: www-validator-css@w3.org)
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