New Broadcast Technology at Broadcast World 2002, 27 Feb Sydney

From: Tom Worthington (
Date: Wed, Feb 06 2002

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Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 11:12:16 +1100
From: Tom Worthington <>
Subject: New Broadcast Technology at Broadcast World 2002, 27 Feb Sydney

This is to request comments, content and corrections for my talk on "New 
Broadcast Technology" at Broadcast World 2002, Wednesday 27th February 
2002, Sydney:

OUTLINE: Free-to-air and pay-TV operators are making the same mistakes 
which bankrupted many Internet companies. New technological capabilities do 
not guarantee a return on investment. Lessons can be learned from the 
failure of WAP to provide a viable web service on a mobile telephone and 
the success of the simpler i-mode technology. There are lessons to be 
learned by the broadcasting industry in middleware development, operational 
rollout, video-on-demand and storage when implementing Internet based 
technologies, such as MHP and TeleWeb.

Please note that these are just speaking notes for a brief talk in a panel 
session, not a full formal paper. As other speakers are broadcasting 
industry types, I feel that I am obliged to stir them up, on behalf of the 
Internet community.  ;-)

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