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From: Philipp Hoschka (ph@w3.org)
Date: Wed, Feb 06 2002

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    From: Philipp Hoschka <ph@w3.org>
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    Subject: [Moderator Action] [Helps] Matriplex free reference software
    Hi !
    I am inshik seo, in korea.
    Recently I have studied DTV over ip networks.
    And found the following messages that contains matriplex free reference software. but the matrixples does not support this codes any more.
    So if anyone download this packages, would you give me some information about this ? or forwarding this code to my email ?
    Thanks all.
    email: eins@ispl.korea.ac.kr, inshiks@hanbox.com
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    > From:	Richard Hodges [SMTP:rh@matriplex.com]
    > Sent:	07 August 2001 20:54
    > To:	martin_spamer@kingston-comms.co.uk
    > Subject:	Proposed DTV channel changing packet
    > Martin,
    > I saw your post on slashdot and figured you must be in the DTV business
    > :-)
    > I am about to submit an Internet-Draft for a DTV channel changing packet
    > and protocol to the IETF, and thought you might have an interest in this
    > matter.  The IETF is closed for submissions until the 14th while they have
    > their meeting, but I would be glad to have your comments or suggestions
    > before submitting the first draft.
    > You can get a copy of the draft at:
    >   http://www.matriplex.com/docs/draft-hodges-dtv-chanchange-00.txt
    > Basically, it outlines a packet that a DTV client can send to a server in
    > order to specify which channel it wants to receive.  It contains
    > authentication information for security and many optional fields that can
    > help the server(s) choose the best video and audio stream(s) to send.
    > My company, Matriplex will be releasing free reference software for the
    > authentication, authorization, and accounting servers supporting this
    > packet structure.  The platforms are FreeBSD, Linux, and Solaris (gcc),
    > and initially supporting PostgreSQL and MySQL. Since source code is
    > included, naturally other platforms and databases may be used.  More info:
    >   http://www.matriplex.com/techinfo/dtv-packet.html
    > While you must already have your own methods of handling channel changing,
    > I hope that you might still wish to have a say in guiding this protocol
    > as it matures.
    > All the best,
    > -Richard
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