TV as a client on Wired Web.

From: Naik, Arvind (
Date: Mon, Nov 26 2001

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    From: "Naik, Arvind" <>
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    Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:10:22 -0600
    Subject: TV as a client on Wired Web.
    Hi List,
    I apologize if my question is out of place. But I would appreciate a reply.
    I joined this group today and went through several mail threads.  I found
    this group discussing broadcast model of web on TV.  Is there any IG for
    wired web on TV (similar to MSN web TV) at W3C?  
    Is W3C working on protocol for wired internet access on TV, TV browser
    specifications, Specifications for Remote TV Keyboard, mouse, Top Box etc.
    I am very keen to know current standards on Markup Language (like HTML) for
    TV browser and Protocol (like WAP) that can be used.  I will also appreciate
    references in this subject.
    Thank you.
    Arvind Naik