Re: Server Side Magic.

From: Tom Worthington (
Date: Tue, Jul 24 2001

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    Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 10:15:45 +1000
    From: Tom Worthington <>
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    Subject: Re: Server Side Magic.
    At 11:17  23/07/01 +0900, Gerhard Fasol wrote:
    >Tom, I agree with what you are saying... There is a very simple test: look 
    >at the website with an imode phone ...
    Trying to get the average web site to work on the current small-screen 
    i-mode or WAP phone is probably too difficult a task. My suggestion is to 
    aim for a quarter-VGA screen on a typical PDA device, such as an MS-Pocket PC.
    While messing around with an Internet TV in a hotel recently I found that 
    I-mode pages worked reasonably well and the effective TV screen size is 
    about the same as one-quarter VGA 
    <>. The European 
    Interactive TV format recently adopted by Australia appears a bit 
    overblown, but would offer the possibility of using the same web pages for 
    hand held devices and iTV.
    What the mobile industry needs are some reasons for customers to buy new 
    products and services. There is no point in promoting technologies which 
    are already proven failures, such as WAP and the videophone. In Sydney last 
    week I proposed kiddie-groupware as the mobile killer application 
    <>. If young people are using SMS 
    for organising social events, then why not give them a more sophisticated 
    web based applications to do it?
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