Re: Server Side Magic.

From: Gerhard Fasol (
Date: Sun, Jul 22 2001

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    Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:17:51 +0900
    From: Gerhard Fasol <>
    To: Tom Worthington <>
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    Subject: Re: Server Side Magic.
    Tom, I agree with what you are saying...
    There is a very simple test: look at the website with an imode
    phone. If you see something reasonable displayed, the site is 
    accessible to about 30 million mobile internet users today:)
    and ready for today's wireless internet.
    You can then add sophistication as the wireless internet develops,
    e.g. JAVA applets etc.
    Just my 2 cents...
    Gerhard Fasol
    Tom Worthington wrote:
    > At 07:21  18/06/01 +0300, Juha Vierinen wrote:
    > >We are planning to test CC/PP ... The server has to do some magic, to come
    > >up with a page which fits the client... Is there any standardized language
    > >for describing a such a site?
    > You might want to look at Cocoon, a "100% pure Java publishing framework
    > that relies on new W3C technologies (such as DOM, XML, and XSL) to provide
    > web content":
    > However, I am a skeptical of the value of this technology for public web
    > pages. After discussions of accessibility and mobile Internet at INET2001
    > <>, I am recommending
    > that web designers make their applications "wireless ready" by implementing
    > accessibility guidelines and checking their web pages are usable on a
    > quarter-VGA screen. Most web pages will then work okay on wireless PDA
    > devices and web appliances, as well as normal computer screens. This avoids
    > the need for server side software and bypasses WAP.
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