XML DTD for TV listings?

From: Ed Avis (epa98@doc.ic.ac.uk)
Date: Tue, May 30 2000

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    Message-ID: <39340091.5DAB2FA1@doc.ic.ac.uk>
    Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 18:55:29 +0100
    From: Ed Avis <epa98@doc.ic.ac.uk>
    To: www-tv@w3.org
    Subject: XML DTD for TV listings?
    Is there an XML DTD for TV listings?
    I mean a list of programme name, description, broadcast time, channel
    and so on.  I am writing a set of programs to process TV listings,
    automatically picking out programmes which the user wants to watch,
    formatting the listings for hard copy, and so on.  I would like to use
    an XML as the format to store listings information, but I don't want
    to reinvent the wheel.
    I did look through the mailing list archives, but didn't spot
    Ed Avis