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Date: Fri, Dec 17 1999

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I am sure you W3C-tv guys will realisise immediately that the URL in the
email is not correct.  It should be
And before you flame me for bad practice in opening a fresh browser for
each page, let me say that this is being changed as a frames version is

David Bradshaw

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>Most of you on this list should have interest in the following message.
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>From: David Bradshaw <>
>Subject: TVA: Web site
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>Dear TV-Anytimers,
>The Web site is now up and running, even though there are still a few
>improvements to be made.  The URL is:
> and, at present, only a non-frames version is
>available. I hope this will change soon, also I will be adding more links
>between the pages to make it easier to move around inside the site.
>Suggestions for improvements are always welcome, but please remember that
>it is just me doing this at the moment and I have other (yes, more
>important) work to do as well.  Please e-mail me with any suggestions.
>References to articles and other relevant documents accessible though the
>Web would be welcome; it would be nice to have some White Papers of our own.
>I hope you find the web site useful in promoting the Forum.
>Best regards,
>David Bradshaw
>PS You may be amused to know that the spell checker suggested the
>TV-Anytimers should be changed to Tyrannizers.  I am sure we are more
>subtle than that!