RE: TV Broadcast URI Schemes Requirements

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Date: Mon, Nov 29 1999

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From: Jeff Sussna <>
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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 13:58:26 -0800
Subject: RE: TV Broadcast URI Schemes Requirements

Good point. Some advertisers will want to purchase "The X Files", while
others will want to purchase "3 AM on Sunday night". I would disagree with
your characterizing of advertisers as a "tiny" market, though. Perhaps tiny
in numbers relative to consumers browsing EPG's, but certainly not in terms
of weight, power, or importance. 


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> So far as I know, there is no one in the country who cares about
> watching Channel 2/Sunday/9:00pm.  However, lots of people want to
> watch the X-Files.  What people want identified is the content, not
> the time slot.

A minor nit: Advertisers, who provide ancillary content, may purchase
time in this fashion.  They commonly do so in order to "blanket" a
series of channels with the same advertisement at the same time.  They
also commonly want to check that the advertisement did, in fact, occur
at the stated time.

A tiny market, I grant you, but one that cares a *lot*.  

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				Ted Hardie