Re: Where are we?

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Date: Wed, Oct 13 1999

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Subject: Re: Where are we?

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> Then it's possible to build an association service that is able to
> things like:
>    content:// will be
>    transmitted on tv-channel://
> I think that's where we should end up; but since there's no consensus
> I can hear) in this group that we should go straight there, we should just
> make sure we don't block the possibility of ending up there.

I agree with Harald. A separate URL must be embedded for program info, but
I'm wondering if this would setup a conflict between program and channel
info. I don't think it would because the channel info would be part of a
separate program guide. Is that correct? Would this allow channels to pop
promos, etc., onto the screen? If there was a conflict would the show or the
channel info have priority?