Re: TV Glossary

From: Kimmo Loytana (
Date: Wed, Sep 01 1999

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Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 20:26:55 +0300
From: Kimmo Loytana <>
To: "EXT Michael A. Dolan" <>
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Subject: Re: TV Glossary


Now that Warner pointed out the existing W3C document about URIs,
I would prefer using the terminology defined in that one 
for those terms that are defined in it.
I think these definitions are fairly good and especially do not clash
with different semantics being used elsewhere.


"EXT Michael A. Dolan" wrote:
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> Rich, Kimmo, et al-
> As I said earlier, my definitions do not match up with any one
> organization, and I knew this discussion would happen anyway despite
> my making that disclaimer.
> The problem is that an [MPEG] "re-alignment" changes the meaning.  A
> Program in MPEG is not a Program in the Studio.  So, what do we do
> when someone from Disney Studios wants to re-align the [MPEG]
> definitions to match their usage?  Or someone from ATSC wants to use
> "virtual channel" instead of the DVB "service", or, etc.  Using this
> pocess, we will *never* converge on definitions.
> And, I really hesitate to invent a bunch of new terms that are
> meaningless to everyone.
> I wanted badly to defer to SMPTE EG28, but I found it is somewhat out
> of date (1993) and didn't contain everything that was needed.
> So, I'd like to propose the following "rules" for our Glossary:
> 1. We defer to SMPTE EG28 as the first authority.
> 2. If the term is not defined there, then use the MPEG definition
> 3. If the term is not defined there, only then we can debate it.
> Is this acceptable to everyone?
> [For those of you that don't have EG28, "Program" is undefined, so we
> would use the MPEG definition as Kimmo has proposed ;-)]
>         Mike
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