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Date: Wed, Sep 01 1999

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Rich, Kimmo, et al-

As I said earlier, my definitions do not match up with any one 
organization, and I knew this discussion would happen anyway despite 
my making that disclaimer.

The problem is that an [MPEG] "re-alignment" changes the meaning.  A 
Program in MPEG is not a Program in the Studio.  So, what do we do 
when someone from Disney Studios wants to re-align the [MPEG] 
definitions to match their usage?  Or someone from ATSC wants to use 
"virtual channel" instead of the DVB "service", or, etc.  Using this 
pocess, we will *never* converge on definitions.

And, I really hesitate to invent a bunch of new terms that are 
meaningless to everyone.

I wanted badly to defer to SMPTE EG28, but I found it is somewhat out 
of date (1993) and didn't contain everything that was needed.

So, I'd like to propose the following "rules" for our Glossary:

1. We defer to SMPTE EG28 as the first authority.
2. If the term is not defined there, then use the MPEG definition
3. If the term is not defined there, only then we can debate it.

Is this acceptable to everyone?

[For those of you that don't have EG28, "Program" is undefined, so we 
would use the MPEG definition as Kimmo has proposed ;-)]


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