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From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand (
Date: Mon, Aug 23 1999

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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 08:11:58 +0200
To: "Michael A. Dolan" <>, (IETF List)
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Subject: Re: draft-zigmond-tv-url-02 discussion on

At 13:59 22.08.99 -0700, Michael A. Dolan wrote:
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>"End run around"?  Why do folks on ietf think this I-D is a
>conspiracy of one kind or another?  If we're not trying to evade W3C,
>then we must be marketing folks looking for some justification of a
>product idea (one person's comment).  Or if not that, then we are an
>evil industry group trying to force their will on IETF (paraphrased
>several other folks' comments).  I wish I could convince you this
>paranoia is unfounded so that we could move past this.
>But the real issue here is the review process for Informational
>RFC's, for which there seem to be pretty different opinions.

It's not an end run around the RFC publishing process, per se.
It's an end run around the URI registration process.

For several years, the policy of the IETF has been that registration of new 
URI schemes could be done by Informational or standards-track documents, 
but required explicit IESG approval.

This policy was put into place as a "stopgap" until proper procedures (such 
as those the URLREG group has spent several years considering) coud be put 
into place. I know - I was the one suggesting that policy!

I'll ask you for only about the 3rd time:

   Do you have a mailing list where you are happy to discuss the technical
   properties of this URI scheme, and how the draft can be modified so that
   all of us can be less than terribly unhappy with it?

If you're happy with using the WWW TV list, that's OK with me, but I 
haven't seen you say that yet.

                                Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway