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Date: Mon, Mar 08 1999

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Actually, this problem is exactly the same as when you have a pager or
other device that does not have bidirectional communication with the server. 

One way to do it is to set up a generic profile for the device class, which
is activated when the device is activated (e.g. when the device is bought,
through a telephone call to the provider - the same way as is done with
pagers now). The WAP Forum Push group has been working on this (using
CC/PP), but there are some other problems with push media that also need to
be adressed (e.g. caching) that it is not clear how to solve.


At 10:53 1999-03-08 +0100, Philipp Hoschka wrote:
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>Subject: HTTP server driven content negotiation
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>When making content-based system profiles, it would be handy to tag
>broadcast content.
>As best as I can tell, CC/PP and the IETF conneg work is not suitable since
>it requires the client to first describe its profile (which cannot
>generally be done in TV).
>HTTP 1.1 has the Vary tag and the concept of server driven content
>negotiation.  However, I found the use of the Vary tag somewhat vague.
>Anyone have any experience with this tag?  Is there more info somewhere at
>W3C on this - from the HTTP 1.1 author perhaps?
>Thanks for any pointers.
>	Mike
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