An introduction.

From: Robert Frey (
Date: Thu, Nov 05 1998

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Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 13:43:03 -0500
From: Robert Frey <>
Subject: An introduction.


My name is Robert Frey.  I have been sitting on the sidelines observing
the conversation thus far
and would like to contribute where and when I can.

A little background on myself:

I worked with ViewCall America Inc. and their suitor NetChannel
Inc. in Norcross Georgia from April 1996 up through May of 1998 when
NetChannel and its
technology was purchased by AOL.

During my time at these companies I helped lay much of the groundwork
for what was then known as TV-HTML 1.0  (the original recommendation for
Enhanced TV markup which also included the original recommendation for
the "tv:" URL scheme) the beginning of the process of developing
specific 'open' standards  for the Enhanced TV industry.
I also worked extensively on the On-TV and NetChannel Internet TV
services where I developed applications, user interfaces, and
service/entertainment models for the future of Internet Enhanced TV.  I
was also involved in development for a variety of client hardware
platforms including, Sega Saturn Netlink, Oracle/NCI's Network Computer
- NC100 & NC200, PowerTV and WebTV among others.

Currently I am heading up an organization called Enterprise Network
Solutions (ENS) where I have begun a division devoted to Enhanced TV

I have chosen to participate in this group because I feel my experience
will allow me to contribute some useful material that we can all use to
improve the technology/protocols/standards we will use in the future of
interactive entertainment.

I look forward to working with you all.


Robert Frey

ENS Corporation