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Re: Best HTTP Status Code for a Redirect to a Service Suspension Page

From: Damien Bezborodow <damien.b@koalatelecom.com.au>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:12:13 +0930
Message-ID: <460B0B65.1030705@koalatelecom.com.au>
To: www-talk@w3.org

Harry Maugans wrote:
> On 3/28/07, Tom Molesworth <tetra604@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'd vote for 403 Forbidden.
>> The 300 series is to indicate a change although the content is valid.
>> 400-series errors generally indicate that the returned content is not
>> what you were after in the first place.
>> Most proxy servers will return 403 if the user is not authenticated.
>> This is essentially the case here since permissions have been
>> suspended. The 403 error is often taken by clients to say that there
>> is a real problem that should be reported, rather than 302 etc. which
>> would mean that the service itself has changed but probably still
>> valid.
> I agree.  From a search engine optimization standpoint, if you feed the
> search engine a 302, it will start indexing the suspended page, replacing
> the original content (causing you to lose your rankings).  Whereas if you
> send it a 4xx error, it will keep the last found page in it's cache, and
> check back periodically to see if normal has been restored yet.
> Granted SEO might not be your intention, however the SEO standards side of
> it does further support Tom's vote.
> Good luck!

But anything other than a 3xx message would require the proxy to serve 
the actual "suspension notice" page, not forward to it. It's just a 
question of how well Squid will support this. Might be able to implement 
it as a custom error page.

Thanks, folks.

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