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WebNet 98 New CFP (Orlando, Florida)

From: Assoc Advancement Computers Education <aace@curry.edschool.virginia.edu>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 23:34:10 -0500 (EST)
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              >>  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 5, 1998  <<

The new paperless only submissions guidelines require that presenters
submitting a proposal, whether via a URL or emailed file, complete the
online form at

See complete submission guidelines at


                          W e b N e t  98


                Nov. 7-12, 1998  *  Orlando, Florida

                      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                Submission Deadline: March 5, 1998

      Papers * Short Papers * Panels * Tutorials * Workshops
       Posters/Demonstrations * Business/Corporate Sessions

                         Organized by
 AACE-Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
       in cooperation WWW/Internet businesses & industry

WebNet--the World Conference of the WWW, Internet, and Intranet is
an international annual conference, that serves as a multi-disciplinary
forum for the exchange of information on the development, applications,
and research on all topics related to the Web. This encompasses the
use, applications and societal and legal aspects of the Internet in
its broadest sense.

This conference is a must for all who plan to use the Internet to access
information, communicate or conduct transactions, or develop applications
for the Internet and Extranet.

We invite you to attend the WebNet 98 conference and submit presentation
proposals for papers, panels, tutorials, workshops, demonstrations/posters,
business/corporate sessions, and SIG discussions. All proposals are
reviewed for inclusion in the
conference program.

WebNet 98 Topics

1. Educational Applications
      Authoring Tools
      Collaborative Learning and Environments
      Courseware Development
      Didactic Issues for Web Presentation
      Distance Education
      Educational Multimedia
      Network-Based Learning and Environments
      Teaching, Learning, Pedagogical Issues
      Web Based Training
2. Commercial, Business, Professional, and Community Applications
      Application Development Tools
      Business/Corporate Evolving Web Uses
      Collaborative Work and Environments
      Electronic Commerce
      Financial Services, Web-Based
      Industrial Products and Services Support
      Integration of Web Applications and Web Services
      Marketing and Sales on the Web
      New Web Applications
3. General Web Tools and Facilities
      Browsing and Navigation Tools
      Java Technology and Applications
      Search Engines
      Web Page Design Tools
      Web Site Tools
4. Societal Issues, Including Legal, Standards, and International Issues
      Country Specific Developments
      Ethical Aspects
      International Issues and Developments
      Legal Issues
      Multilinguality Provisions
      Public Service Networks
      Security and Privacy
      Social and Cultural Issues
5. Ergonomic, Interface, and Cognitive Issues
      Adaptive Systems
      Computer-Human Interface
      Interaction and Feedback
      Psychology of Web Use
      Overcoming Human Disabilities
      Sensory-Effectory Technology
6. Electronic Publishing and Digital Libraries
      Digital Libraries
      Digital Museums
      Electronic Publishing: Tools, Design, Issues
7. Personal Applications and Environments
      Browsing and Navigation Issues
      Customizing and Personalizing the Web
      Indexing Techniques and Personal Information Organization
      Software Agents
      The Web as Discussion Forum
8. Web Technical Facilities
      Advances in Networked Multimedia
      Data and Link Management
      Databases and the Web
      Future Issues in Web Technology
      Hardware and Software Technologies
      Net-Based Multi/Hypermedia
      Statistical Tools and User Tracking
      Virtual Reality
      Web Servers

Exhibit/Sponsor Invitation for WebNet 98
If your company or organization has a product or service that furthers
This goal, you need to participate in WebNet 98.  AACE invites you to
Exhibit and participate in WebNet 98.  WebNet offers exhibitors the
opportunity to interact with top level developers, educators, researchers
and administrators gathered for the specific purpose of exploring the
present and future state of the WWW, Internet, and Intranet.

This is your opportunity to participate in the exchange of information
with over 1,000 attendees seeking the latest developments, applications,
and practical research which will enable them to produce marketable and
useful applications, support their organizations' investment in technology,
and make informed purchasing decisions. There is not another conference or
trade show that offers you exposure to such a diverse gathering of decision

For information on exhibit and sponsorship opportunities, visit our
website: http://www.aace.org/conf/webnet/corpinvite98.html

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                       INFORMATION REQUEST

To receive future WebNet 98 announcements, please complete this form and
return to the address below or use the electronic form at

  Name: _________________________________________________________

  Address: ______________________________________________________


  City/State/Code: ______________________________________________

  Country: ______________________________________________________

  E-Mail: _______________________________________________________

  Phone: ________________________________________________________

Please send me:
 __  WebNet 98 Conference Advance Program/Registration material
 __  Conference proceedings ordering information
 __  Exhibitor booth/sponsor order information
 __  Brochure on Association for the Adv. of Computing in Ed.
 __  Other information (please specify) _________________________

Return to: WebNet 98/AACE
           P.O. Box 2966
           Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA
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