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Re: Improve the traffic condition on the Internet

From: Gao Hong <gh@748pku.pku.edu.cn>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 13:42:05 PST
Message-Id: <9603210543.AA24508@www10.w3.org>
To: www-talk@w3.org

Alexei Novikov wrote:
>As you have mentioned connection can be very slow, but to my mind the 
>main problem arrises when you are loading images ( that are already 
>sensibly compressed ), but not downloading text that is much smaller in 
>size and occupies probably 30 % or less. 

Actually the graphic and audio file is not the main traffic on the low speed network.  When the transfer rate is very slow, no one dare to get those files.  The main traffic on such net is the text files(include HTML files of course) and the compress rate for the text file is almost 70%, especially those file with JAVASCRIPT.  We can foresee that with the internet goes home and office, there will be three kinds of network, one provides for fast connection but with high fee, one provides for medium connection, and one provides for low connection with cheap fee.  On the cheap connection the traffic will be so crowded that only text file can be transfered.

Based on such thought, I think the compression over the text(html) file is neccesary and feasible.

Pavel Plechov wrote:
>I have some experience to transfer of compressed documents. There are
>some problems. The main problem came up, when your connection
>aborted. If you have not full compressed file, you can't uncompress it.
>In this case you must begin all over again.

But my idea about compression is not the traditional ones that the compressed file can only be expanded after the file transfer process is completed.  To make the reader feel no difference when reading the compressed file, the expanding process must be able to output the expanded information little by little so that in the transfer procedure, the reader can read the part of file information that has been transfered while waiting for the following parts of the file transfered through the network.

Do you agree?

Gao Hong
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