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Re: www-talk-d Digest V96 #26

From: Luke Gonze <applix!uunet!applix!luke@uunet.uu.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 12:10:19 -0500 (EST)
To: Mike Dilworth <uunet!applix!uunet!soi.city.ac.uk!mjd@uunet.uu.net>
Cc: Luke Gonze <uunet!applix!uunet!applix!luke@uunet.uu.net>, uunet!applix!uunet!applix!uunet!w3.org!www-talk@uunet.uu.net
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I certainly don't mean to slight the utility of perl or other higher-level
resources.  As a C programmer working with libwww, the netscape server api,
and embedded sql I tend to think in those terms.  As always, the details of
the job should dictate the choice of tools. 

On Sun, 17 Mar 1996, Mike Dilworth wrote:

> >Carlos:
> >>I can connect informix database with web server ?
> >>we are working development aplication in informix but we don't know
> >Khow to link informix database with web server ..
> >
> >It depends on your general approach.  The most basic way is to compile your
> >cgi scripts with embedded sql, assuming that you have C programmers who know
> >that environment.  There are also quite a few vendors of web/cgi<-->rdbms
> >tools and 4GLs.  I'd be surprized of none of them read this list and post
> >info on their products. 
> is all this really necessary ?  I use perl myself, not C, and it strikes me
> that i could just make system calls using sql to the database and then send
> the output back to the browser via a few line of perl to stick in the html
> stuff.  but maybe i am being a little too simplistic ?

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