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Interesting New Web Helper Application -- REAL real-time chat

From: Stefan Sharkansky <shark@prospero.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 16:47:42 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <9506292347.AA19041@prospero.com>
To: www-talk@w3.org
I'm pleased to announce Global Chat, a new helper application 
for Web browsers that will help you increase the value of your Web site.

Global Chat offers the first truly real-time interactive chat capability
for the Web.

This is NOT yet another HTTP-based "Web page chat", which are slow,
awkward to use, and not scalable.

This is true real-time chat, based on IRC, which integrates seamlessly with
the Web.  (We also designed it to be a really, really friendly interface to
IRC).  We also offer a commercial IRC server that will enable you to host
chats on your own site.

You can launch the client as a helper application from a Web page. Also if
you're using an externally controllable browser, you can easily send URLs
from the chat client back to the browser for retrieval.

Please check it out for yourself.  The client is available
for no charge at http://www.prospero.com/globalchat/ 

Complete press release follows:
Prospero Systems, Inc. introduces chat software for Internet

New software makes it easy for people to interact in real-time on the Web.

San Francisco, Calif., June 28, 1995 -- Prospero Systems released Global
Chat(TM), the first software to add live interaction to the Internet's
popular World Wide Web, it was announced today.  The product brings the
same types of social chat and live special events users find appealing on
commercial online services to the Internet.  Prospero has made the new
software available by free download to non-commercial users from its Web

"Using Global Chat is as easy as using the Web itself," explains Stefan
Sharkansky, President of the San Francisco, California-based corporation.
"With our software, Internet users can surf the Web while they participate
in social chat rooms and live interviews with international newsmakers and

"Chat accounts for over 30% of usage and revenue for the commercial online
services.  But until now, the availability of easy-to-use software has kept
chat on the Internet's back burner," says Sharkansky.  Unlike other
Web-based conferencing systems that require the user to continually click
on a button to view the latest messages, Global Chat works automatically
and continuously like a radio or television receiver.  Global Chat also
adds graphics and sound to the text-only chats commercial online
subscribers are limited to.  "With users able to see graphics and listen to
sound clips, we expect chat popularity on the Internet to skyrocket and
attract many new users around the world."

Once the Global Chat software is downloaded from Prospero's home page, the
user needs only click on a link from a Web page to enter a chat channel.
The software opens a new window containing the ongoing chat, along with any
graphics and sounds being transmitted.  Because users can surf the Web and
chat at the same time, exciting new types of Web programming are under
development at sites using Prospero's server, including:

*       Interviews with Celebrities & Entertainers, Ask the Expert and
"Talk-radio" style of programming supported by commercially-sponsored
graphical links to the Web.

*       Special interest community discussion groups.   Several large
organization are building community by sponsoring live events at which
members will be able to share personal home pages including photographs and
sound clips with peers while they interact.

*       Live sales staff will assist customers and "sell" Web merchandise
in a prominent Web-based retail store.

*       Real-Time Technical Support for a software company to answer
customer questions immediately and guide users to technical documentation
contained on their Web site.

*       Entertaining, Narrated "slide shows" led by storytellers who unveil
a drama through live dialogue and graphics on secret Web pages announced
during the event.

With its improved graphical interface to the existing live IRC (Internet
Relay Chat) protocol, a standard currently used by hundreds of thousands of
chatters, Global Chat leverages years of real-world technology testing and
a large existing base of users and programming.  The Global Chat program is
100% compatible with existing IRC servers, including the Global Stage
commercial server and the freeware version operated at many universities.

Pricing and availability

Global Chat is available for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX platforms by free
download from Prospero's Web site:  http://www.prospero.com/globalchat/

Prospero's Global Stage Server specifications

To meet the needs of commercial organizations who want to manage their own
chat events, Prospero has developed Global Stage, its own feature-rich IRC
chat server.  The UNIX-based server has been tested by dozens of
organizations in a free beta program since March 1.  It extends the basic
IRC functionality to include:
* Password Authentication linked to member databases of sponsoring
* Optional Payment Capabilities through First Virtual.
* Advanced Production and Moderator Tools to create entertaining,
content-rich events.
* Simulcast capabilities for graphics, sound and links to Web sites.
* Expandable Code for easy customization and user-specific features.

Organizations interested in obtaining free beta software of the Global
Stage chat server should send email to: beta@prospero.com

Prospero Systems, Inc.

Prospero Systems develops and markets Internet-related products and custom
programming services, including the Global Stage family of chat software.
Founded in 1992, the privately held company is based in San Francisco,

# # #

Jonathan Carey
Prospero Systems, Inc.

(415) 957-0724


Stefan Sharkansky
Prospero Systems Research, Inc.
USMAIL	520 Frederick St. Box 19, San Francisco, CA 94117
VOICE (415) 731-8114	FAX(415) 731-3395	E-MAIL shark@prospero.com
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