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Re: Getting off this list?

From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <frystyk@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 09:30:40 -0400
Message-Id: <9506281330.AA28686@www20>
To: www-talk@www10.w3.org, hwi@teracom.se

> Send mail to:
> listserv@mail.w3.org
> with body:
> unsubscribe www-talk

Please don't! We have changed to smart list and Roy sent out the info page
last week. Here it goes again - please read the part on unsubscription

You can obtain a help page by sending the following mail

	To: www-talk-request@w3.org
	Subject: help


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******* www-talk@mail.w3.org *******

This is the primary public mailing list for TECHNICAL DISCUSSION among
those developing World-Wide Web software.  It is explicitly intended
for the collaborative design of new systems, software, protocols, and
documentation which may be useful to the WWW developer community.

If you would like to receive this list in DIGEST form, send a 
subscribe message to <www-talk-d-request@mail.w3.org> and
unsubscribe from www-talk.

There are a number of related lists which have been provided for
more focused discussion and to remove some of the load from www-talk.
If a discussion falls under one of these focused lists, please
move the discussion there.  DO NOT CC TO MULTIPLE LISTS!

    Topics                        Focused discussion list
    ------                        -----------------------

    HyperText Markup Language     www-html@mail.w3.org  (www-html-d for digest)
    HTML Style Sheets             www-style@mail.w3.org
    Proxies and Caching           www-proxy@mail.w3.org
    HTTP Server Development       www-servers@mail.w3.org
    libwww (W3C Reference Code)   www-lib@mail.w3.org
    Speech-enabled Interfaces     www-speech@mail.w3.org
    WWW w/Database Systems        www-rdb@mail.w3.org
    WWW w/NeXT and NeXTstep       www-next@mail.w3.org
    WWW Virtual Library Admin     www-vlib@mail.w3.org (moderated)
    WWW Virtual Library Announce  www-vlib-announce@mail.w3.org

******* About the WWW-* Mailing Lists *******

There are many WWW-related mailing lists.  A full list of them
is available at


NOTE that this list is not the place for any of the following:

   How do I configure [insert-favorite-software-here]?
   I'm new to the web -- what is it?
   I tried to ask [insert-company-here] customer support, but
        [I didn't get any response / they told me to RTFM]
   What does RTFM mean?

Answers to the above are often found in the WWW FAQ maintained
by Thomas Boutell.  The FAQ is available from several sites.
Use the mirror closest to you: 

   Sunsite, eastern United States (North America):
   Internex Online, Montreal, eastern Canada (North America):
   New Software Technologies Service, Austria (Europe):
   Glocom, Japan (Asia):

The FAQ also lists the names of all the USENET newsgroups that are
available regarding the WWW (most under the comp.infosystems.www.*

******* Administrative Requests *******

The -request mail address should be used for all list administrative
requests.  It accepts the following commands (in the Subject of an
e-mail message):

    subscribe         -- Subscribe to the list.  If you want to subscribe
                         under a different address, use a Reply-To: address
                         header in the message.

    unsubscribe       -- Unsubscribe from the list.

    help              -- Get information about the mailing list.

    archive help      -- Get information about the list archive(s).

In the event of an address change, it would probably be wisest to first
send an unsubscribe for the old address (this can be done from the new
address), and then a new subscribe from the new address (the order is

Most (un)subscription requests are processed automatically without human
intervention.  Do not send multiple (un)subscription or info requests in
one mail.  Only one will be processed per mail.

NOTE: The -request server usually does quite a good job in discriminating
      between (un)subscribe requests and messages intended for the
      maintainer.  If you'd like to make sure a human reads your message,
      make it look like a reply (i.e. the first word in the Subject: field
      should be "Re:", without the quotes of course); the -request server
      does not react to replies.

******* Archive Server *******

Every submission sent to this list is archived.  Eventually, this
archive will be accessible via HTTP.

If you want to access this archive by e-mail, you have to send mail
to the -request address with the word "archive" as the first word of
your Subject:.  To get you started, try sending a mail to the -request
address with the following:

    Subject: archive help

******* Other Archives *******

A long-term hypertext archive of the www-talk and www-html mailing
lists is available at


Other archives are listed at


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