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Update - Current Agora Status?

From: <mbeckham@usaresearch.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 12:02:33
Message-Id: <9505198035.AA803588553@uu1658.usaresearch.com>
To: www-talk@www10.w3.org

     On 6/17/95 "Thomas P. Copley" <tcopley@gigantor.arlington.com> wrote: 
     >> Date: Thu, 01 Jun 95 14:44:49
     >> From: mbeckham@usaresearch.com
     >> To: www-talk@www10.w3.org
     >> Subject: Current Agora Status
     >> Does anyone know what is the current operational status of 
     >> the www page-by-mail client (Agora) at w3.org.  We've tried: 
     >>      listproc@mail.w3.org
     >>      listserv@mail.w3.org
     >>      agora@mail.w3.org
     >>      [and some others]
     >> to no avail.  Hope to see it again soon -- a very slick and 
     >> extremely valuable Internet resource!
     > Has there been any response to this post?
     Well, I have received some additional private e-mail requests 
     about Agora status, but I've got no update.  I believe Arthur S. 
     @ W3C is the genius behind this gem, but since Agora appears to 
     be sorta volunteer inspiration, I hate being a pest.  He's kind 
     and probably a very busy guy.
     Perhaps some organization like IBM or MS or Sprint or YOU could 
     pick this service up (a Perl script I see), add this to their 
     Web site, and glue an ad to each e-mail'd Web page.  In fact, 
     for those of you advancing the Web server state-of-the-art, why 
     not add this to ALL Web sites?  In view of the fact that e-mail 
     DWARFS all other Internet access platforms combined worldwide 
     (from a user's point-of-view -- which is what really counts, 
     right?), this is an opportunity waiting to happen!  And, its 
     easy to limit to whatever level of gratis service+ads you want 
     to provide.
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