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Fwd: FTC White Paper Responses by Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium

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FYI ... re Do Not Track

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Subject: 	FTC White Paper Responses by Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium
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Hi All,
Wanted to pass this along.

Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium did an analysis of the 500 or so responses to the FTC White Paper on Do Not Track which were due Feb 18.


The spreadsheet with each respondent, the type of entity or individual and their general response is here (along with a cross reference to those who also replied to your DOC white paper):
https://spreadsheets0.google.com/a/personaldataecosystem.org/spreadsheet/ccc?hl=en_US&key=tQpNrpuD_JrG1rXYNEFtaOQ&hl=en_US#gid=0 <https://spreadsheets0.google.com/a/personaldataecosystem.org/spreadsheet/ccc?hl=en_US&key=tQpNrpuD_JrG1rXYNEFtaOQ&hl=en_US#gid=0>

If you want to resort the columns to find particular clusters of respondents or types of responses.. i think you may need to save it as it's a view only doc, and then sort your saved doc.

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