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RE: WebArch introduction, sort of

From: Larry Masinter <LMM@acm.org>
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I'm not sure it's worth getting into making up a theory
of MIME here, but a couple of things are probably
worth a footnote:

Content-type can also have parameters, and 

text/plain;charset="iso-8859-1" v.s.

can't easily be auto-detected. Many systems either ignore
the parameters or don't even allow them, which causes

It may be useful to distinguish between a "message"
which may have additional transfer encodings and
metadata properties (HTTP or other MIME headers) from
the pure "representation". I don't think it's entirely
clear whether all of the additional header/meta information
is completely transport independent or whether it also
is part of the "representation". So the octet-stream
which is actually transported might be encrypted or
compressed or whatever, and the process for transforming
from the received octet-stream within the message,
into a local embodiment (e.g., pixels on the screen 
as displayed by a web browser) might never instantiate
the actual "representation" as defined here.


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Reading your excellent document again, I see:

"Representation' names a pair: a character sequence and a media type. The 
media type specifies how the character string should be interpreted. For 
example JPG or HTML or MP3 would be likely media types for representations 
of an image of an apple, a news report about an orchard or a recording of 
a Beatles song, respectively."

I don't think that's quite write.  I think the pair is {media-type, 
octet-sequence}.  For some important media types, characters aren't 
involved, I think.  Since you're trying to appeal to a broader audience, 
you might approximate that as {media-type, byte-stream}, or some such, on 
the theory that readers of a document like this are somewhat more likely 
to have the right associations with the term byte stream and/or be 
confused by references to octets.


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I've written what is intended to be an introduction to URIs for the
non-specialist.  People who need to teach WebArch might find it a
useful starting point.

   _What's a URI and why does it matter?_


Feedback welcome,

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