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RE: Uniform access to descriptions

From: Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) <skw@hp.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 14:45:37 +0000
To: Harry Halpin <hhalpin@ibiblio.org>, Jonathan Rees <jar@creativecommons.org>
CC: "www-tag@w3.org WG" <www-tag@w3.org>
Message-ID: <9674EA156DA93A4F855379AABDA4A5C611A1A830DD@G5W0277.americas.hpqcorp.net>

Hello Harry,

> We also should make sure any solution
> is *easy* to deploy over various levels and makes it perfectly clear
> what's going on (somewhat unlike 303, which is rather hard to
> deploy and minimalist).

303 is straight-forward and simple. If you want to use it to good effect to get agent to triple about things that aren't on the web then you can use it to good effect to do so for the things 'off-the-web' that you have chosen to give http: URI (sans frag) to.

Does 303 guarantee to get you to triple? No - but then you have probably provided very little help to anyone interested in the URI you deployed.

Hard to deploy? Well, yes and no depending on the server software you are using and your access priviledges. That's a pragmatic problem induced by the design of servers and the admin policies under which they operate. It's not a problem of Architecture.


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