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Re: Action item on syntax-based interoperability

From: Elliotte Rusty Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 13:29:34 -0400
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To: "Champion, Mike" <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>, www-tag@w3.org

At 11:23 AM -0400 10/23/03, Champion, Mike wrote:

>Web-related tools such as DOM, SOAP, Xinclude, etc.  How about XSLT?  It is
>most definitely an important part of the Web as I understand the term, but
>most definitely not defined at the level of concrete syntax.

I like XSLT, but is it it a coincidence that XSLT in general is not 
exchanged on the Web today? Instead it is processed locally on the 
server side. In practice, XSLT is as or more unreliable when 
delivered to clients than JavaScript and DOM. I used to think this 
was purely because of bad implementations, but now I'm not so sure. 
Perhaps the problems that plague client side XSLT are endemic to any 
effort to exchange a data model instead of syntax.

   Elliotte Rusty Harold
   Processing XML with Java (Addison-Wesley, 2002)
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