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RE: namespaceDocument-8: possible interaction with Namespaces in XML 1.1

From: Bullard, Claude L (Len) <clbullar@ingr.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 14:10:19 -0500
Message-ID: <15725CF6AFE2F34DB8A5B4770B7334EE022DC0DE@hq1.pcmail.ingr.com>
To: "'Tim Bray'" <tbray@textuality.com>, Larry Masinter <LMM@acm.org>
Cc: "'Paul Cotton'" <pcotton@microsoft.com>, www-tag@w3.org, "'Paul Grosso'" <pgrosso@arbortext.com>, roy.fielding@day.com

First, it is not that they want it not to be dereferenceable, 
they want dereferencability to be separated from nameing.  That 
is, the system by which a name is formally assigned and managed 
is not tightly coupled to the system of assigning names to 
locations.  See Public Identifiers.

Second, it reduces confusion where names in browser displays 
are instanced as controls.  Don't shock the monkey.


From: Tim Bray [mailto:tbray@textuality.com]

And I do acknowledge that there are people who seem to want namespace 
names that are guaranteed *not* to be dereferencable, and some URN 
namespace is probably a way to achieve that goal; but I've never been 
able to understand why this would ever be a sensible goal.
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