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Re: [SVGMobile12] Comments: Introduction

From: Andrew Shellshear <Andrew.Shellshear@research.canon.com.au>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 15:05:04 +1100
Message-ID: <438FC7F0.1030100@research.canon.com.au>
To: www-svg@w3.org

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Craig Northway wrote:
> >> Perhaps something like this:
> I just realized that my proposed phrasing didn't actually address one of 
> my own comments... ;)  I propose also adding the following sentence at 
> the end:
>    A given element may not have a current SVG document fragment.
> > Anyhow we'll see how the WG discussion goes.
> Sounds like a plan.  Keep me posted!

OK - we've updated the definition of current SVG document fragment:

current SVG document fragment

The current SVG document fragment of an element is the XML document sub-tree such that:

   1. The sub-tree is a valid SVG document fragment.
   2. The sub-tree contains the element in question.
   3. All ancestors of the element in question in the sub-tree are
      elements in the SVG language and namespace.

A given element may have no current SVG document fragment.

[Note that I changed the wording - 
"A given element may not have a current SVG document fragment." 
can have quite a different meaning!]

Thank you for your feedback. Please let us know if this does not address 
your concerns.

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