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Re: SVG schema: Relax NG or not?

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:11:41 EDT
Message-ID: <1e4.87f9ed9.2bebe9cd@aol.com>
To: randy.nonay@net-linx.com, www-svg@w3.org
In a message dated 08/05/2003 17:14:18 GMT Daylight Time, 
randy.nonay@net-linx.com writes:

>  Isn't XSD a W3C standard? 

Hi Randy,

Isn't the more important question what quality of standard it is? And how 
usable and informative people find it?

I am fairly comfortable with XSD schema or Relax NG (having explored its 
predecessor TREX a long time back) but I know lots of people who really 
struggle with XSD schema. If Relax NG is more useful, and helps readers to 
understand the SVG spec, isn't that a good thing?

Why is it being abandoned willy nilly by various
> workgroups in favor of rng - which is not a W3C standard??
I don't think you can fairly use the term "willy nilly", since this is being 
discussed in a sensible, open, rational way.

It makes sense to me that a W3C WG uses the most appropriate tool for the 
job, wherever it was invented.

>   Not having used RNG, with a quick look the one problem I see with RNG is
> that you can't have mandatory attributes. Not sure if this is a problem...
>   Otherwise the XSD is already widely supported by SVG utilities, while RNG
> isn't...

Which utilities did you have in mind?

Andrew Watt
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