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Sorry to yell in the subject line but I have a bit of a dilemma.  I am trying to prototype a "thin client" application using html and svg.  I need to use html in Netscape 4.7 (possibly Netscape 6.x) and try to keep network traffic to a minimum.  After looking at SVG I think I can make a case for using it with the html to give the user some interactive manipulation of the data.

Basically we want to do the following:

Possibly a gif or jpg image for a background.

Query for data from a database.  It will contain spatial data (polygon, polyline and points) and I plan to use the raw data to create the elements.  

Either create the svg on a server and send it to the client where it will use the svg viewer plug-in to display.  Or send the raw data to the client and have it create the svg.

One of the things that we would like to see is have a list of data on the left side and the data displayed in the svg canvas.  When a user selects something from the list it should be highlighted on the canvas.

If the user selects an element on the display (polygon, polyline or point) it should highlight in the list.

While I have your ear (eyes) I need to know if an SVG viewer is planned for Netscape browser running on Unix (Solaris)?  We are using Sun boxes and need to be able to use Netscape with an SVG plug-in.

I apologize for the length of this and I am sorry for being so scattered.  If I can be pointed in the right direction or if someone has already done this and can show it to me I will be very grateful.

Thank you for your time,


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