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Re: More svg questions - Example request, and WMF conversion

From: Carmen Delessio <carmen@blackdirt.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 22:24:24 -0500
Message-ID: <370043E8.631E@blackdirt.com>
To: svg <www-svg@w3.org>
I have written Java programs to convert WMF files into Java source code
and also to display WMFs in applets.  See

My intention is to write a WMF to SVG converter, but I am hard pressed
to find a single example SVG file.  Since I have the WMF viewer in Java,
I do not think it will be a big stretch to the create a simple SVG
viewer for WMF type files.  

  Carmen Delessio 

Andrew Wooldridge wrote:
> I have a few new questions for the SVG folks:
> 1) When will we see a demo?
> 2) Are there any plans to make an open-source server component like
> macromedia generator?
> 3) How will style sheets work on plugins ? Should there be a standard
> set of interfaces defined?
> 4) Will there be a concept of scrolling, and if so would it be OS
> dependant?
> 5) Where are the author and copyright tags? Are those even relevant for
> such an "open" image format. It's almost like javascript where you can
> always "see" the source.
> 6) What sort of events would an SVG image trigger (for javascript) like
> Load, Error. What about Modify, reload, etc.
> 7) Any way to trigger other events like sounds?
> 8) Are there any third party websites you know of that will be dedicated
> to SVG stuff?
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