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[css-grid] Moving CSS3 Grid from Editor’s Draft to Working Draft

From: Chris Jones <cjon@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:05:15 +0000
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The Grid Spec Editors propose moving the current Editor’s Draft of the CSS3 Grid Layout module to Working Draft: http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-grid-align/

A list of changes made in Editor’s Drafts to the spec since the last Working Draft is below. We are happy to discuss any concerns about the move on www-style, or during Tuesday’s telcon (2/21/12).

Thanks, Grid Spec Editors

Changes made in 22 July 2011 Editor's Draft:

• Included an algorithm for computing the size of Grid Tracks in the spec.

• Removed the property grid-cell-stacking.

• Removed the pseudo-element selector ::grid-cell.

• Defined that Grid Cells named explicitly using the grid-template property cannot be styled (with the removal of the ::grid-cell pseudo-element selector they cannot be selected).

• Removed the notion that Grid Cells could be given a display property which controls their inner layout.

• Corrected an error in the automatic placement example. All children of the form should be display:block to ensure they are valid Grid Items.

• Updated the Grid Columns and Grid Rows Properties grammar to correct an error and reduce ocurrences of <string>

Changes made in 21 November 2011 Editor's Draft:

• Section 2.4, Section 9: Removed the grid-layer property in favor of using z-index.

• Section 6.5: Clarified whitespace rules.

• Section 6.5: Changed "positive-number" to "positive-integer".

• Section 6.5: Updated the spec to clarify that percentages-sized grid tracks are undefined when inside content-sized grids.

• Section 8.1: Updated the spec to show that percentage-sized grid items resolve themselves against the grid cell, rather than the grid element.

• Section 10.1: Updated definition of RemainingSpace for shrink-to-fit situations.

• Section 10.2: Renamed NormalizedFractionBreadth variable to NormalizedFractionValue in the CalculateNormalizedFractionBreadth algorithm • Section 10.2: Addressed typos (e.g. Space -> SpaceToFill) in CalculateNormalizedFractionBreadth

• Section 10.2: Updated CalculateNormalizedFractionBreadth to remove an unneeded inner loop in step 7.

• Section 10.2: Updated steps 2 and 3 in DistributeSpaceToTracks function to correct use of delta variable • Section 10.2: Updated step 6 in ComputeUsedBreadthOfGridTracks to cover shrink-to-fit Grid Elements

Changes made in 2 February 2012 Editor's Draft:

• Section 2.2: Made a minor correction to the markup in Example 1.

• Section 7: Specified item placement behavior for undefined grid lines.

• Section 7.1: Specified that for the grid-column and grid-row properties, 'start' is only applicable to the starting line position and 'end' is only applicable to the ending line position.

• Section 8.1: Updated the spec to better describe the behavior of box model calculations for stretch alignment.

Changes made in 6 February 2012 Editor's Draft:

• Section 10: Combined Sections 10.2 and 10.3, so that the overall algorithm is described in a top-down fashion.

• Section 10.2: Removed the function DistributeSpaceToTracksBySpanCount, and added new functions ResolveContentBasedTrackSizingFunctions and ResolveContentBasedTrackSizingFunctionsForItems. The updates to the algorithm change the way in which Grid Items that span multiple tracks resolve their min-content and max-content contributions to those tracks such that "tighter" grids are produced.
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