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I18N-ISSUE-10: Use of case in bidi examples [CSS3-writing-modes]

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Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 17:23:17 +0000
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I18N-ISSUE-10: Use of case in bidi examples [CSS3-writing-modes]


Raised by: Matitiahu Allouche
On product: CSS3-writing-modes

2. Inline Direction and Bidirectionality

WG Reviewed: Yes

The example should use upper case for RTL and lower case 
for Latin.

Rationale: this is the convention used in Unicode documents like 
UAX#9. This is also the convention used in the example in section 2.3.
In the same example, the pseudo-bidi words seem meaningless. I suggest to 
use English words written backwards, like "SDROW EMOS ERA EREH".
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